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Mexico Bass Fishing for Trophy Bass!!
Mexico bass fishing can be done on the greatest black bass lakes in the world. There are four such lakes on the West coast of Mexico. There is Lake El Salto (huge bass), Lake Agua Milpa, (huge numbers), Lake Huites (mainly numbers with a little size) and Lake Baccarac (size). A Mexico bass fishing trip to one of these four lakes can make any bass anglerís dream come true. If you are interested in Mexico bass fishing, Click here!! or call 1-800-371-3524

Peacock Bass in Brazil!
Raderís Fish and Game offers the finest peacock bass fishing in the world in the Amazon and Lake Guri. RADER'S FISH AND GAME HAS ALL 20 SPOTS ON THE AMAZON QUEEN II RESERVED FOR THE LAST WEEK OF JANUARY 2006. Peacock bass fishing, Click here!! CALL 1-800-371-3524

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