Lady Bull Rider By T. J. Greaney

Lady Bull Rider

By T. J. Greaney

What do a mother, hair stylist, high school graduate, Rodeo Queen, Health and Safety Engineer all have in common? No, they are all women but that is not it. They are all professional women bull riders.

These ladies are smart, and beautiful, and why they would want to ride a ton of muscle for one second or eight is beyond me. But ride them they do and it is something to see.

These bulls are not smaller, softer, slower or nicer than the bulls the men ride. The bulls are treated the same. They are run down the alley way to the bucking chute and then isolated by a sliding gate.

The women riders are still allowed to use two hands but none of them do. Tammy Kelly, 1994 World Champion said " I don't know any women using two hands any more, you can't get balanced and stay balanced". Using one hand that is squeezed into a rigging, holding a bronc rein or grasping a bull rope they motion ready and the gate is opened. The free hand should not come in contact with the animal or any equipment during the required eight seconds. Half the score is based on the riders performance the other half is determined by how powerfully and consistently the animal bucks.

Mary Czarnecka is a 27 year old quality control manager and enjoys raising quarter horses.

Billi Halverson is 20 and just graduated from Northwest College with a degree in equine science.

Joe Burton is 24 and is from London England. She is a racehorse jockey and trains western horses.

Candy Bell is 36 and is a health and safety engineer. Is that an oxymoron? She is an accomplished champion Bullrider and Barebackrider.

Tammy George is a 29 year old hairstylist and owner of a successful salon. She started he bull riding at age 12 and is a 3 time Reserve Champion.

Tammy Kelley was the high point scorer (67) this night and her rodeo blood was evident. She is in the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and is currently #1 in the rankings.

Tanya Butts was the number two rider (49).

Cindi Baker, and Karen Gorden were the final riders that came blowing out of the chutes Friday night on a spinning, whirling, jumping and kicking one ton bull.

These ladies are awesome and if if you ever get a chance to see them ride, it's recommended 4 stars. After the show all these ladies made themselves available to all the fans. This was great and you could see it in the eye's of the kids that got to meet them. Keep it up ladies, you are all a #1 class act!

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Austin, Texas

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