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Dove Hunting West Texas
Best dove hunting this side of Mexico

Get the best dove hunting Texas has to offer!

For as long as we can remember, the west Texas counties of Nolan, Mitchell and Fisher have produced the very best dove hunting in Texas.

The reason the hunting is so great in these three counties is that these counties lie in the heart of the flyway of the birds that generally migrate southward from Kansas and Oklahoma. This migration continues through the latter part of the season, providing outstanding wing shooting from opening day, all the way thru the end of the season. Unlike some places you can hunt, we have a steady supply of fresh birds coming down from Kansas and Oklahoma all during the season. Regardless of when you want to come hunt, we will have plenty of birds available, so you can schedule your hunt at your convenience. You don't have to be there opening day in order to get good shooting! We got it all during the season!

The mature birds coming down from Kansas and Oklahoma are truly the test of a hunter and the delight of those who like to see and pursue birds in their natural habitat.

If you talk to an outfitter about a dove hunt, make it a point to question him about how many fields he has, and how often he hunts those fields. This is the difference between our hunts and those of our competition. We utilize 20 different fields and 15 additional water holes so that we seldom hunt the same field twice without giving the birds a chance to rest and regroup. Some outfitters have to use the same fields over and over, so the number of doves is diminished. We have had over 14 years of world-class shooting.

We have without a doubt the very best dove hunting in West Texas!!

Hunting is generally in planted fields of milo, sunflowers, or wheat, with stands of trees nearby where the doves roost and with water holes nearby. We have literally spent years finding these hotspots in a fifty to seventy five mile area of Sweetwater. This broad area to hunt allows our hunters to be assured of a good hunt, regardless of the weather or success of the farmers planting their grain.

By having this much land to hunt, we sometimes catch a big migration of doves coming through from Kansas or Oklahoma that have stopped to rest and eat on one of our hunting leases. While the hunters are hunting or back at the motel resting, we also have people out scouting other hunting areas. We have often found these migrations during a morning hunt, and have the group load up and leave a field to go get in on the hot shooting.

We also scout the fields and water holes prior to every hunt, so that you are always on the best locations on every hunt. Our guides are professional with plenty of dove hunting experience.


Our hunting area is in the "open country" where the west really begins and the birds are acrobats at their very best. Fast flying, darting doves are hard to kill. We recommend 12 gauge shotguns with modified, improved cylinder or skeet chokes. We also recommend 3 1/4 drams, 1 1/8th oz. of number 7 1/2 or number 8 shot, as a minimum. High velocity loads are even better. We recommend that you not use the lighter 3-1-8 cheap shotgun shells that are always on sale right before season. Spend another 50 cents and get the better shells. You will have a much better percentage of kills with the heavier load of shot.

Our commitment and goal is to provide you a safe, enjoyable, productive and memorable dove hunting experience. We hope you will relax and enjoy yourself. Our clients testify that there is no such thing as a bad hunt with us!! Be sure to read some things that other people have said about us!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your hunt and to help with getting your limit:

  • Foremost: Be safe with your gun! A lifetime of hunting can be ruined by one careless moment. Make sure of your target and don't take any chances. Our hunts have plenty of doves, so pass up a shot that might endanger another hunter and move to a safe distance from other hunters. All hunters are required to attend the prehunt safety meeting-no exceptions! We want you to be safe and we want the other hunters to be safe for you!

  • Wear safety glasses or eye protection in fields. A pair of shooting glasses should be every bit as important as a hunter's shotgun, boots, vest and dog. Hunt in a safe and ethical manner.

  • Obey all Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunting Laws and Federal Hunting Laws. Game Wardens are plentiful in Texas, and we encourage you to abide by all laws at all times. Keep your birds bagged separately from other hunters. Illegal doves are very expensive!

  • Respect the land and the wildlife. Pick up your trash and hulls each hunt.

  • Wear camouflage or drab colored clothes and use any natural cover to hide in when doves are flying. Doves are extremely sensitive to movement, so move as little as possible when you are shouldering your gun.

  • Find the best place to hunt in the field by taking a few minutes to study the flight paths of the doves. If doves are flying over a particular area, chances are that other doves will follow that same flight path.

    Recommended Checklist:

  • Protective Shooting/Sun Glasses
  • Ear Protection
  • 12 gauge gun with modified or improved cylinder choke
  • Hunting License (be sure to get white-wing stamp or Super Combo License)
  • Ammunition-Good quality field load 7 1/2 or 8
  • Light Weight Shooting Vest
  • Light Weight Raingear
  • Recoil Pad
  • First Aid Kit
  • Snake Leggings
  • Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Camera Gear and Film
  • Sunscreen
  • Ice Chest
  • Plastic Freezer Bags
  • Scissors

  • You can download our Registration Form by Clicking below. Be sure to call to check availability of open spots before sending your payment.

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    A final word about Safety. Hunting is a dangerous sport. You can be KILLED OR INJURED WHILE HUNTING. Be careful at all times! Don't let a moment's carelessness ruin yours or someone else's life!

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    Robert Echols, Outfitter
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    Fax: 903-663-6707

    Dove Hunting West Texas
    Best dove hunting this side of Mexico


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    Best Dove Hunting In Texas. Period!!

    Absolutely the best dove hunting in Texas. If you want to hunt both mourning doves and white wing doves you need to hunt with us. The white wing doves have moved into West Texas and are there in considerable numbers already. The quantity of mourning doves is unbelievable!! Limit of 12 or 15 per day currently.

    ......Never in my forty years of hunting had I seen mourning doves like those feeding in this 80-acre mowed forage sorghum field!
    Roger Wells Dove Hunter Magazine

    First class dove hunting with excellent food and lodging. We offer both individual and corporate hunts. This is Texas best dove hunting.
    Best Dove Hunting In Texas!! Period!!
    or call Phone: 903-663-9181
    Fax: 903-663-6707

    Dove Hunting West Texas
    Best dove hunting this side of Mexico

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