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Franklin Forge


Franklin Forge is dedicated to helping inventors. We help you document your invention, determine market potential, patent searching, patent applications, and invention marketing to suitable manufacturers.

Franklin Forge is unique in patenting services.

Over fifteen years experience with patents and inventions.

Know for integrity and quality of personalized patent marketing services.

The most affordable full service patent registration and invention promotion service.

Free market information regarding your inventions potential market.

Specializing in inventions for consumer and liesure markets, household, lawn, garden, pets, baby, infant, tools for the professional, and home do it your selfers, outdoor activities.

All patent related legal work performed by a Registered United States Patent Attorney.

To find out more detail about how you can patent your inventions, visit our web site at:

Franklin Forge Website

We don't waste money on glossy, four-color, inventor information packets just to impress you. Nor do we solicit inventors for their ideas by advertising nationally on TV, have satellite offices throughout the country, or attend ineffective "trade" shows.

Many invention promoters use these "tools" to sell you their services. They do not increase your chance for success, and the costs are passed onto you. That is why many of these companies charge from $8,000-16,000 or more for the same basic patenting services we provide you for as little as $1,950.00.

In fact, our whole program, including the patent application process and presenting an invention to manufacturers, will cost you less, in most cases, than you would spend with a local patent attorney just to prepare and file a patent application.

No Hidden Costs. Some companies charge for services we provide for free: a Notarized Certificate of Priority acknowledging receipt of your invention, Preliminary Market Report, and a full-market report upon completion of your patent search.

Franklin Forge Website

Easy-Payment Plans. If you decide to have Franklin Forge proceed with the patenting process and industry presentation program, you do not have to "pay-in-full" to start the program. We have payment plans to fit most everyone's budget.

Commitment & Friendliness Once we agree to represent your invention, we go all out to ensure your idea has the best chance of becoming a product. Our diligence and determination are to see your invention into the patent process and then present it in the most favorable manner to industry.

Our approach is straight-forward, patient and genial. If you are like the vast majority of our clients, you have never invented anything before. Our program is a simple, logical, step-by-step and affordable process. We pride ourselves in giving our clients a quality service.

Franklin Forge Website

Few marketing firms, patent attorneys, or patent agents have our focused expertise in the household and leisure products markets. We feel we are best-equipped to work with product ideas for such areas as: tools, lawn & garden, toys & games, exercise, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, automotive, baby, pet, boating, biking... and so on. If your invention falls within these categories, you should definitely speak to us.

Attempting go get an invention into the marketplace can be complex, frustrating, time-consuming, and tedious. And we have critical resources most inventors lack, such as: helping to legally protect inventions, employing constantly updated databases and research techniques to identify those companies most likely to be interested in a particular idea, and professionally presenting an invention to the identified companies in an effort to obtain on your behalf the ultimate objective - a financially rewarding licensing agreement.


If you ever have any questions about the patenting and presentation processes, please read through this web site carefully or call our toll-free 800 number. We would happy to spend as much time as necessary to make sure you have a solid understanding of how our company works for you.

Please Contact Us:

Franklin Forge Website

The Franklin Forge
Jeffrey W. Wilkins, President
38 Baptist Hill Road
Post Office Box 10
Conway, MA 01341

413 369-4012

800 501-2252

FAX: 413 369-0301

For comments or details, email:

Franklin Forge Website

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