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  Hallsville, Texas 75650 *

  Deer Hunting Capital of East Texas!

Hallsville, Texas the "Deer Hunting Capital of East Texas"!   

Hallsville is now famous for Hallsville Western Days, Hallsville Racetrack, the Hallsville Chamber of Commerce Chili Cook-off, and some of the biggest deer racks in East Texas.

East Texas Piney Woods Monster!
Harrison County in Eastern Texas
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HALLSVILLE, TEXAS. Hallsville is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 80 and Farm Road 450, on the Union Pacific Railroad twelve miles west of Marshall in southwestern Harrison County. The area was first settled in 1839, when Fort Crawford was built one mile west of the site of present Hallsville by W. C. Crawford as a protection against Indians. In 1849 the fort is reported to have had a post office and a two-story building that served as church, Masonic hall, and school (the only school in western Harrison County until 1868).

In 1869, when an independent Southern Pacific Railway crossed a mile north of Fort Crawford, the settlers moved to the railroad and named the new settlement for a railroad official. All that remains at the original location is a cemetery. A post office named Hallville opened in 1869, and the first business in the new community was a saloon. From 1869 to 1872 the town was the terminus of the railroad, and the railroad company built a general office and machine shops there.

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The community incorporated for the first time in 1870 and was a boom town, with as many as fifty businesses, in the early 1870s. Hallville shipped cotton, wool, and hides. In 1872, when the Texas and Pacific acquired the railroad and built out to Longview in Gregg County, Hallville lost much of its western trade. In 1873 the railroad moved its local headquarters and shops to Marshall.

Hallville's incorporation lapsed, and the community lost many of its people to Marshall in the later 1870s. In 1884 it had an estimated 600 inhabitants, three churches, six sawmills, six grist mill-gins, a hotel, two saloons, and a cooperative association. By 1892 the population had fallen to 300, but it recovered to 600 in the 1900s. In 1904 the Hallville school district had two schools serving 180 white pupils and one school serving 111 black pupils. A bank opened in the community in 1909 (see below). In the 1920s the post office changed the spelling of its name to Hallsville.

The community reincorporated in 1935. The population fell from 695 in 1920 to 480 in 1930, rose to an estimated 1,000 in the 1940s, and fell again to 600 in the 1950s. After the mid-1960s Hallsville grew steadily in population, reaching a high of 2,096 in 1988. The number of businesses grew from twenty in 1966 to thirty-one in 1988. In 1990 the population was 2,288.

Excerps from: Harrison County Historical Herald, November 1966. Marshall News Messenger, August 23, 1936. Sallie M. Lentz

  Hallsville Texas Western Days!

Hallsville, Texas the home of "Hallsville Western Days"!   

In the early 70's Eulyne Lafoy and her husband Lawrence founded Western Days. Members of the local riding club, the Chamber of Commerce and the city came forth to execute the LaFoy's idea of holding a horse show and tack sale to raise money for the city park. Hallsville's goal was to raise funds for a matching government grant for the beautification and updating of the city. Trophies were donated, entry fees were donated and the funds went to the city park.

From that beginning a Western Day's committee was formed and have carried on the tradition since. The event opens on Friday morning when students and staff of Hallsville High School come to school in western attire and activities are held on the campuses. Miss Hallsville Western Days Contestants are introduced at 7 pm prior to the Hallsville Bobcat football game in Bobcat Statium.

  Hallsville First State Bank, Since 1909!

Hallsville, Texas home of First State Bank!   

Hallsville First State Bank Website!

Incorporated August 23, 1909 as: "The First State Bank". Opened for Business October 6, 1909. Cotton was "king" when the bank was organized as evidenced by at least six general merchants, two grocers, two druggists and one cotton ginner, three movie houses, and hotels. The area was teaming with cotton.

Every Saturday was a time to "go to town" to shop and socialize at one of many mercantile and grocery stores. The Hallsville Merchants and Businessmen's Association consisted of T. P. Black, J. W. Holloway, Brown & Cullen, H. J. T. Jones, T. H. Etheridge & Son, A. N. Kennedy, L. P. Ponder, Sypert & Woodall, J. C. Hill, Watt Drug Company, H. P. Lynch, John H. Bass and The First State Bank.

The late C. F. Haywood, father to our own Ethelyn Moore, after receiving a call from a friend at Commercial National Bank of Shreveport, Louisiana, became the Bank's first cashier. He moved from Marshall to Hallsville and began a banking career at The First State Bank that spanned almost 50 years. He was originally from Fort Worth where his father worked for the Fort Worth Gazette, that town's first newspaper.

Over the Last 90 years, The First State Bank has occupied four different locations in Hallsville:

1909 - 1918 Center of block, Main Street (currently C. F. Haywood Ins. Agency)
1919 - 1963 Corner of Central and Main Street
1963 - 1985 123 Main Street
1985 to present 500 W. Main Street

On September 10, 1910 (eleven months after opening) the Total Bank Assets were $42,852.88. This is quite a bit different from current Total Assets of $26,442,722.48 with capital and reserves of $2,733,627.52.

  Hallsville Texas Independent School District
Hallsville, Tx Independent School District

Longview News Journal News!!...........

Hallsville ISD principal earns area recognition!! ...........


Hallsville Junior High Principal Eve Ford has been named Region VII's Junior High Principal of the Year by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals.

Ford has been principal of Hallsville Junior High for seven years and was the assistant principal for two years before that.

During her tenure in Hallsville, Ford has implemented new scheduling systems for classes and started tutorials during the school day and a schoolwide discipline management program.

Hallsville Junior High was given Texas Monthly's Just For Kids five-star rating in November 2000 and was rated as a Recognized Campus by the Texas Education Agency for the school years of 1999-00, 2000-01, 2003-04 and 2005-06.

The Texas Education Agency changed the criteria for the accountability ratings when the TAKS was introduced to schools, but Ford said she is proud that Hallsville retained its Recognized status despite the new requirements.

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Declining full credit for these accomplishments, Ford said, "I'm the principal of the building, but we implement change as a team. The success I've had is because of my team of teachers, faculty and staff."

She said her main focus is on teamwork among the staff and between the staff and the students.

"The school should take the opportunity to celebrate the success of students and staff," she said.

Hallsville Superintendent Greg Wright said he is thrilled to have her on staff.

"Eve Ford is an exemplary principal with a genuine, daily concern for all the students and employees on her campus," Wright said, "She has been a proven, successful leader for years and is well respected with the parents and community here in Hallsville."

Ford said several changes will be made this school year at Hallsville Junior High. New technology is being installed in the classrooms, and the tutorial sessions are being integrated into every school day. The tutorial program also is beginning a reward system for students who complete all their homework and assignments, she said.

"I'm always wondering, 'How can we improve instruction and reach all the students?' " Ford said. "That is always an ongoing process."

Ford will be recognized in June at the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals Summer Convention in Austin.

Ford joins two other local administrators who have received regional honors from the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals. Longview High School Principal Milton Wallace was named Principal of the Year, and Dennis Wilson at Judson Middle School was named Assistant Principal of the Year.

Region VII will announce its teacher awards later.

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The "H" Association

The "H" Association was founded in 1933 at Hallsville High School by Ben Pannell. Pannell was the athletic coach and Hallsville High School principal. He initiated the Association with these three objectives:
1) All lettermen are to meet on the Saturday night before Easter of each year for a banquet and rundown on the past athletic season. The purpose is to renew old friendships and to meet present day athletes.
2) Strive to help the school athletic program.
3) Always try to remember athletes of the past.

In 1963 an H association board of trustees was formed. Hulon Blalock, Joel Dorsey, Winnifred Haggard, William Lawrence, Bill Dick Parker, Elgin Poole, Willie Steven, D.M Summers, Pres Young and Edd Young were elected to the board. Edd Young was elected as chairman and remained chairman till his death in 2001.

Harrison County Commissioner, James Greer was elected to take his place as chairman in 2002.

2002 board members are: Mike Buchanon, James Greer, Rob Key, Stanley Lawrence, Gary Lovelace, James Lovelace, Gregg McNeal, Tommy Pool, Thomas Richardson and David Trice.

Also in 1963, the board started the H Association Hall of Fame. After determining a crteria for inductees, Bill Dick Parker, Joel Dorsey, and Neal Henigan were chosen as the 1963 indutees.

In the preceding years, the following former athletes from Hallsville have been inducted into the Hall of Fame: 1964, Ross "Larry" Parker, Perry "Peck" Bunt, Barney Oliver; 1965, Clayton "Shag" Coon, Hulon Blalock, Ed Young; 1966, Clyde Kinsy, Murray Know, Brad Horner; 1967, Dick Hays; 1968, James Greer; 1969, Votto Gaddis, Ed Ferges, Corky Ford; 1970. Gene Palmer, Randle Walker; 1971, Mike Buchanon, Lindsey Roberts; 1972, Rueben Bussey, Bobby Price, Avery Downing; 1973, Maurice Jones; 1974, Coach Ben Pannel, Roy Green, Bobby Hunt, Stanley Lawrence; 1975, James Brack, Bobby Mowrey, Jerry Malone; 1976, Pres Young, Rex Scroggins, Dick Ford; 1977, Robert Knight; 1979, Jackie Walker, Gregg McNeal; 1980, Windy Haggard, Syd Keasler, Zell Roberts, Wilber Ingram; 1981, Kenny Rowe, Tommy Joe King, Danny Malone; 1982, Jimmy Killion, Gene Grammer; 1983, David Powell, Jerry Bunt; 1984, Doug Floyd, Ken Jones; 1985, Mike Trice, Scooter Taylor; 1986, Brian Koechel, Bryon Lawrence; 1987, Donald Taylor; 1988, Jimmie Tallant; 1989, Tommy Roberts; 1990, Chris Shafer, Larry Gideon; 1991, Randy Clark, Clifford Shaw; 1992, Jimmy Lynn Grimes, Ricky Lawrence; 1993, Linty Ingram; 1995, Jeff Brownlee, Ron Gideon; 1996, John Martin; 1997, Rob Floyd; 1998, Steve Green, Patrick Gill; 1999, J.B. Rodgers; 2000, Les Langley; 2001, Max Berry, Rodney Flake; 2002, Donnie Muckleroy

The annual H Association banquet is held the Saturday before Easter each year H Association members and Hallsville Lettermen from all over the area attend this annual banquet. Each year at this banquet, the new inductee or inductees are announced.

Also, a tradition that was started in 1950 takes place at the banquet. The athlete of the year (who is chosen by the Hallsville coaches) is announced.

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