The Mountain Bike Chronicles

When it comes to riding a Mountain Bike there is nothing like practice to keep you fit.

The more practice you have on a Mountain Bike, the better shape you are in, and the better you can ride.

In a perfect world you would have all day and night to ride and explore with your mountain bike.
Let's face it, none of us have ever been to perfect-world, and we are probably not going any time soon.

The Mountain Bike Chronicles are a diary of thoughts and lessons learned in 8 years of riding mountain bikes. This is not a manual on how the pros ride, and this is not going to give you any ultimate solutions to anything. What you can get from the mountain bike chronicles is information on how to ride, or how not to ride when you do get time to practice .

If you want to be a better rider, you are in the right place.

Each article contains information on a topic about mountain bikes:

Who is this guy? (About the author and the articles)

Tired of Tires? (Your rubber and you)

Lean and Mean? (Learning 'bout Turning)

Of Friends and Noses (Picking a gear and climbing)

The Carbon Fiber Incedent (If they make it, can you break it?)

What Suspends You? (Frame and suspension options)

Adding a Suspension Fork (Be informed or get forked)

Unmovable Forces (It is going to hurt)

Takin' Big Hits (Bumps, jumps, and the Dean of Inertia)

Clipped in the butt by love (A foray into SPD shoes)

Forced Face Plants (Mud spelled backwards is 'dum')

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