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Affiliate Programs

Do you like Pets?

Do you have a website related to pets?

If you currently have a website, or are planning on getting a website on myspace.com, yahoo, google, msn or some other place, or know someone who does, that is in some way related to pets, pet supplies, veterinarians, medical supplies, doctors or people needing nutritional or medical products, you can make some extra money by becoming an affiliate with us.

If you have email or instant messaging, you can also become an affiliate with us, as long as you use your email to contact your personal friends, and do not use your email to spam others.

If you do not currently have a website, we will make a simple website for you for "F R E E" and host it for "F R E E" if you join our affiliate program!!

Important!!.....The affiliate program signup is on the bottom of the following pages. After you click on the "sign me up link", scroll down the page to "Affiliate Program" to sign up. Remember....there is no cost currently to sign up as an affiliate. If you sign up, and change your mind later, you do not lose any money.

Note: You can sign up for all of the below programs!!

Pet Supplies, Medical Supplies
Join Kala Health affiliate program (pet supplies, medical supplies, etc) earn 15% commissions:

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Dogs, Cats, Fish, Reptiles, Gerbils, Guinna Pigs, Hampsters, Rabbits For Sale
Make $50 per sale!!....Join Any Pets, Inc.(dogs, cats, and other pets for sale) Receive $50.00 for each sale your referral generates through banner ads and text links on your website. :

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There is no cost to sign up!!

You can sign up as an affiliate for no cost, and get paid a commission on the above programs for merely referring people to their website.

Why would you want to join our affiliate program?

In order to become successful as an affiliate, you need help. Simply having a website is not enough, unless you are already getting lots of traffic and don't want any more traffic or money!!.

By joining an affiliate program through us, we will help you promote your website.

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I am interested, but I need more information, Please send me an email with all the details!

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