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Internet Sales Associates Needed!

50% (Fifty Percent) Commissions!

Sell Internet Advertising

We need sales associates to help us sell advertising on our websites.

We will pay you 50% (Fifty Percent!!) recurring commissions for these sales!!

For example, if you sell a $100 dollar per month ad, you get $50 per month every month the ad runs!

If you sell a $200 per month ad, you get $100 per month every month the ad runs!

What market do we cover?

Our market is selling online advertising for hunting, fishing and outdoor products and services.

Hunting: Hunting guides, hunting outfitters, day hunts, hunting clothes, camoflage, archery equipment, bowhunting gear, cameras, binoculars, scopes, four wheelers, trailers, jeeps, trucks, guns, ammunition, feeders, cameras, stands, land for sale, hunting leases for sale, dogs.

Fishing: Fishing guides, lake businesses, camping areas, hotels, motels, repair shops, rv parks, boats, fishing tackle.

Outdoors: Unlimited opportunities!! Dogs, real estate, hotels, motels, bread and breakfasts, rv parks, airlines, ski resorts, lakes, chambers of commerce, cruises, political parties, presidential candidates, auto dealers, land for sale,

Where can you live?

You can operate from any place that has internet service.

What equipment do you need?

You need access to a computer and internet service. If you have a digital camera you will be able to take pictures of places you visit when you are hunting or fishing. If you have a video camera, you can provide videos of your clients hunting guide or fishing guide services.

What do you do now:

Send us information that you think would help us decide you are the person we need.

I am interested, but I need more information, Please send me an email with all the details!

Click here to receive full information on the sales associate program by email directly to your email address!!

No Thanks!!, I have all the money I need.....

Get me outa here!!